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At RoMar Engineering Inc., our mission is clear: To make your building perform through sustainable design solutions and an individualized approach.

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At RoMar Engineering Inc., we provide a personal and individualized service as unique as your building. The principals and senior staff who discuss your project with you, are also the engineers designing and seeing the project through to completion and into successful operation. RoMar’s main goal is to provide a design that meet’s the client’s needs — now and in the future.

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Proactive, direct and sustainable approach

Located in Durham Region, RoMar is a mechanical consulting firm providing building services engineering and design for new and existing facilities since 2000.

RoMar has a reputation in the industry for aligning its design to the current and future needs of the building, with energy efficiency at the forefront. Since mechanical systems are one of the largest energy consumers in a building, we understand the impact an energy-efficient design can have over the buildings’ lifecycle. We do not replace equipment like for like; we assess the current building loads and design what is required to satisfy the current and future demands.

RoMar applies sustainability, responsible design and a personal touch to every project to ensure continued success for our clients. RoMar works with clients across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and all of Ontario to improve the buildings that we occupy.  

RoMar is a woman-owned and operated mechanical engineering firm that prides itself on a proactive, direct and sustainable approach with our clients and our designs.

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"We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us."
– Winston Churchill